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3 Tips for Safer Grilling

The smell of a summertime barbeque is one most Americans long for after a cold, dark winter. Cooking over charcoal, wood, or even on the latest flattop surface brings families together and puts good eats in bellies.

But for as much fun as a backyard grill master may have, safety should always be a priority. Unfortunately, more than 10,000 home structure fires and dozens of injuries occur yearly as a result of grilling mishaps. Follow these three simple tips to make your next outdoor party a safety success.

Ensure Regular Grill Cleaning

Barbecuing frequently causes grease and oil to build up on the grill's surface, heating components, and of course, in the grease tray. Too much accumulation of grease and oil substances can result in fires. Therefore, it is recommended to clean your grill after every use. Doing so is much easier than trying to scrub off baked-on contaminants. And as a bonus, your grill will last longer.

Never Leave a Lit Grill

Always pay close attention to your grill after lighting it. Learn to stick around for as long as the gas source is connected to the grill. Guests, children, and pets may get close to the open flames and hot surfaces, potentially causing injury or catching loose clothing on fire. Even after the flames die off, gas could still be flowing. Not until the fuel source is completely shut off should you leave the grill unattended.

Place Grills on a Flat Surface

Everyone gets excited when getting ready to grill. In the haste of firing up a few flames and grilling that next perfect hamburger, it may be tempting to cut a few corners and start cooking on a slanted surface. Not only will your food cook unevenly, but you also risk the chance of oils falling off and causing a blaze. Or worse yet, the entire grill could tip over and cause significant damage or injury.

Barbecuing safety is the shared responsibility of everyone involved. Taking proper precautions will ensure your summer is full of fantastic food and free of any dangerous mishaps.

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