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Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors at Home

Thoughts of the American backyard may conjure up images of barbeque and baseball. But as we all spend more time at home, now is the perfect time to explore how to fully enjoy the outdoors without leaving our home.

Movie Time – Wireless technology makes it easier than ever to take your movies anywhere. Bring the popcorn and projector for show under the stars.

Build a Bar – While the number of patrons may have to be limited, the fun doesn’t have to be. Now is the time to try all those cocktail concoctions you were afraid to order before.

Relax by the Fire – Nothing is quite as romantic than a glass of wine by an open fire (pit). Within minutes, you and your love could be sharing the perfect s’more.

Get Fit, Finally – If you’ve been putting off your New Year’s resolution to get fit, create your ideal workout space right in your own back yard.

Cook without a Kitchen – Bring the joy of cooking outside by exploring new recipes on the trusty ole’ grill.

Find Your Focus – Enhance your yoga and meditation sessions with a quiet outdoor space where you can breathe the fresh air.

Go Green – Gardening has a host of benefits including keeping your mind active, connecting with the earth, and eating clean vegetables.

Excellent Eggs – Raise chickens to provide your family fresh, protein packed meals everyday with a lot less effort than you think!

Lovely Laundry – No matter the circumstances, the laundry must get done. Dry clothes on an outdoor clothesline to get the real springtime smell.

Get Crafty – Rejuvenate your creativity by bringing your art or craft outside. Inspiration is bound to strike, and old projects can finally get finished.

Game Time – Jumbo size your next game night by purchasing giant sized sets of chess or checkers. Or bring back the classics like croquet or bocce ball. The world may not be your oyster right now, but your backyard can. There are limitless ways you can make the most of the outdoors while staying right at home.

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